“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

As the father of medicine himself is quoted around 400 B.C. as saying “Let food be thy medicine, medicine thy food”.  But what is it that we are really up against in todays western culture when it comes to getting the right stuff into our bodies?  With all the environmental toxins in our air, water and food leaching into our soil how do we limit our exposure to all these stresses? It can often be a challenge.  How can we learn to cope with all of these stresses and still remain healthy?  Do we just shut down as if nothing is going on and let the unseen powers that be lead us into oblivion?   I think the answer to these questions is clear and simple.  We should do something positive.  We need to provide ourselves with information and tools that will support us in our goal of optimal health.  This kind of information and support has to be used within our lifestyle choices. To take a positive step forward and do at least one more step than the person before us.  This way our children will do the same.  In time our culture will change and we will go from being one of the sickest nations with the most advanced medical technologies to being a positive example for healthy choices around the world that exemplifies health through a balance of local ecology and medicine while keeping our advanced technologies intact all along.  We will then prescribe less drugs and perform less surgeries in exchange for more organic home gardens and sustainable local ecology to improve our quality of  health and extend our quantity of life. -dbw


One thought on ““Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

  1. Let me be first to say,that I’m extremely excited to find a site for positive,useful information on my path to total wellness.

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