….with the consciousness over natural health care expanding its possibilities are just now being realized in a large way.  It has always amazed me the ability that the body has to heal itself given the proper conditions. There is a response to these proper conditions that is mandated by the law of innate intelligence. Many of the favorable conditions can be easily learned  and used with a positive daily life pattern. I would like to talk about THE MOST IMPORTANT condition of them all.  Without it you will only achieve, at best, 65% -75% of what it is you are hoping to achieve.  Whether it be money, love, relationships, time etc.  you will only be able to have attained average amounts of what it is you want, and not optimal results unless this condition is met.  (Optimal results is what wellness is ALL about.) This most important condition I am talking about is simply known as Positive Mental Attitude.  Well, for some of us it might  not be that simple after all!? Right?  Well lets just say for a minute that it is simple. Did you know that without a positive mental attitude you could eat and drink good things, exercise, sleep well,  do yoga, pray, and every other good thing to do and still only get that %65- %75 results of what it is you are doing?  For some of you this percentage doesn’t sound  like a bad deal either, does it?  Yet for others this small 25%-35% it is a matter of life and death. (And if the truth is told many people that don’t have a positive mental attitude usually don’t do half of the other things either which brings the % down even more!)


special report: “IN TIME”

With your mind stuck in a stress response it can produce chemicals that produce acid in our body fluid chemistry.  This condition of acid  is what can give rise in time to many problems and also slow the healing processes of the body.  In time this will wear on the body. So, how can we practice a positive mental attitude in our lifestyle to support us in our efforts to be work toward 100% wellness?  Well, one might first look at the attitudes around the things that seem to “create” the most stress in life. Even if it is  hard to see anything positive it is important to open up to new ideas and reframe the possibilities around any problem. The focus of what is wanted is often over shadowed by what is needed by matter of necessity and this has tendency to blur even the most active of imaginations.  It must be asked at this point “Do we want our opportunity to continue to equal our abilities or do we rise to the occasion and bring our abilities to equal a higher opportunity?”   Focusing our activities on the abilities of healing in the body as a higher opportunity could be a start to new solution oriented views of health care. -DBW



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