Truth or Healing?

When it comes to our health and health care, it seems that it is more popular today to wait for the body to recognize a problem as a symptom. Then we often wait for that problem or symptom to continue until it prevents us from enjoying our daily activities. That is when we finally decide that something must be done to improve our health. After that we would go to a doctor to be given a diagnoses from our list of symptoms. Then we would frequently decide to blame it on our age, genetics or our income bracket instead of looking for solutions to support our own internal pharmacy to effectively aid in our recovery. If only it was known from day one, how much we are actually in control of those elements. Perhaps then many complaints would be nulled. The problem is many of us where never even told!!! Our children must be told that there is another story to behold here.   



As our bodies age they require more diligent effort to keep vital body functions operating efficiently. Certain specialized cells produce and release specific amounts of growth horomone (aka GH). This is necessary when we sleep, to heal the body from natural cellular degeneration which occurs daily from exposure to various stresses. GH is made when we eat the right things and then released from our brain to do their job when we sleep. The abilty of GH to release in old age are similar if not comparable to that of a younger person granted that the right thing is done to support the two main systems in control of the whole thing!! These two body systems are the CNS aka central nerve system and the endocrine systems. Let me say it again, That it does often take a little more effort to replentish and maintain as you age. My main point here is that the ability to heal effectively and maintain a body free from illness and suffering is still as operable in an aging body as it is in a young persons body.   


It has been long thought that we were controlled alone by our genetics that are found in the DNA. We believed that if our parents or grandparents contracted a certain illness or perished from a disease that we were destined to experience and suffer the same fate. Though it may be true that we do have similar DNA gene expressions as our parents when we are born it has been shown through the discoveries of epi-genetics (above genetics) that lifestyle and habits have a more significant role on our gene expression as we age than DNA genetics do.


Being able to pay for personal health care out of pocket is a luxury many do not have. Health insurance is a privilege to many. Many more have decided either by choice or through inflexible personal and financial priorities that they do not afford health insurance. How does this effect our nations health? With out getting into much of the beurocracy and long winded opinions I have decided to save my eyes for some sleep and I will give you my perspective through a carefully constructed “metaphore” and a cleaver song lyric you could even probably apply to most power happy scenarios.

“Any machine must have fuel to run its engine on to sport its power. It is not in itself the power of the machine that is responcible for its effectiveness, it is more importantly, what the machine is given as fuel to give it power that lends the machine its effectiveness until it runs out. It is also important how the fuel is given and who is using the machine when the power is on.”

– In other words: ”Its not what you do, its the way that you do it.”-so do it well!

peace & be well!!

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