Wellness is true health care “reform”.


Sitting here looking out of my window at a moon that is full of promise, though I am perplexed by the current standard of thinking within the law of medicine that seems to show little concern for our nations health care and its progress. The effectiveness of current “reform” methods goes unquestioned and almost seems as if its being ignored by the general public and ruling officials.  AMA, CMO’s and other organizations are acting as if the laws they pass or the sanctions they incorporate are going to make a difference with the true state of health and the care that this nation is giving as a standard. I believe this to be quite arrogant considering the 3 top causes of death and  diseases are all diagnosed and treated by their own accepted standard of care for the diseases.      Not to mention the stats show they have been ineffective and are unable to heal the body from the diseases they are liken to treat.      Most citizens stand paralyzed with ignorance wondering where this complex matrix of laws and systems will take them next.  Their only hope is that when they get sick the confusing “system” will take care of most of there treatment cost if they choose the “right” type of treatment.  What is meant by reform?  What are the odds?  Is this going to help us become healthier people?  I don’t think it will.  _____________________________________________________________

REFORM DEFINITION: 1.) make changes to something in order to improve it. 

2.) bring about a change in someone/something so they/it no longer behave in an immoral , criminal or self destructive manner.



Health “care” is very rarely brought up on the AMA sight when talking about “reform”.  It is mostly worded as “health system reform”, but nothing about improving care or expanding options for care.  The only thing that seems to be getting reformed are the ways to pay (or get paid) for the health care.  I am wondering if people who are less informed may think that system reform has anything to do with their method of care?  I should hope not.  

With this in mind must we should give a second glance to what true health care reform really means and what we are being told it should mean.  

As one of the sickest nations in our world with the highest tech. abilities and  the most skilled professionals there is still no emphasis on “reform” for the effectiveness of technology being used or for how it is being used… There is little interest in  expanding the priority of accepted care to include less symptom based treatments with more patient centered techniques.  There is no mention that most therapy systems that are “approved” in hospitals do not really heal anybody and there is still little effort to support the pursuit of any effective alternative knowledge to medicine. If the effort was made to persue any effective alternative knowledge to medicine as part of the protocol then it would broaden the spectrum of patient choices to improve patient comfort levels in receiving treatment in turn, empowering the probability of increased patient compliance and ultimate healing success.  This would be good.
Here is the article anyway:  http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/news-events/news-events/health-reform-dialogue.shtml

 However, complete reform will never happen in the hands of an office or an article!  (Please, keep reading……)

Here are a few quotes from some of those CMO’s and organizations attending the reform summit:


Rich Umbdenstock, president and CEO, American Hospital Association. “Now more than ever before, all of us agree that fundamental reform of the nation’s health care system is critical – right now, this year – and is essential for every sector of society. The American people want bipartisan, responsible reform, and all of us do, too.”


“For decades, attempts to reform America’s health system have met with fractious debate,” said Georges C. Benjamin, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E.P. (E), executive director, American Public Health Association. “Until now, comprehensive health care reform has been deadlocked. The time has come to set aside some of our differences, talk openly with each other, and begin to find common ground. This process has significantly helped steer us toward that outcome.”


Public Health

The AMA will provide effective programs and tools to help doctors improve the health of the public around:

  • Healthy lifestyles — provide tools for physicians and advocate for national policies that help improve patient behaviors around obesity, tobacco and alcohol.  
  • Health disparities — help physicians reduce racial and ethnic disparities in health care and health status.
  • Disaster preparedness — develop training programs to help physicians and their communities prepare for disasters and to equip them to provide an effective medical response.

Here is what is being prescribed for reform:



Expand coverage
Improve quality
Reform government programs
Reduce cost
Increased focus on wellness and prevention
Payment and delivery reforms 



Here is the idea behind wellness and prevention AMA style:


Increased focus on wellness/prevention

• Align insurance benefit design with prevention evidence

• Make public investments in education, community

projects, and nutrition

• Eliminate racial, ethnic, and gender disparities



I found it really cool to see the word “wellness” at the bottom of the list next to the word “prevention” because  the only true reform we have lies within the holistic health model of wellness care. But, it will not come from any law, association, profession etc. etc.

WELLNESS:(1989)the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health.

With wellness being a fairly recent addition to the american vocabulary  it is important to realize that it is still a term that is kinda up in the air and undefined and I believe there is a reason for this.  While health care professions both holistic and allopathic models, from massage to surgery , everyone seems to clamor for a grasp of its true meaning in an effort to claim “wellness” as its own.  The professions will simply never attain this privilege, so they should stop trying.  Wellness belongs to the layman. It is true health care for the layman, by the layman.  Wellness as defined above is attained only by the individual whom truly seeks a better way.  With help from where you choose: a professional, or a neighbor, or a co-worker etc..  Application of wellness is the science of awareness and not rocket, test tube or clinical science.  There is no certification or diploma that grants you the gift of wellness.  If you need to seek wellness out you only need direction once, then it can be yours forever, if you choose it.  There will be no need to refill that bottle of wellness for a third time….or one if you forget to pack your wellness on that week long business trip, What to do then?  No monthly wellness treatments or annual blood tests to see if you have to much or to little wellness.  Wellness is experienced with lifestyle in breath, movement and awareness.  To maintain wellness we only have to share truth, and that is all. -DBW


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