A SIMPLE Symptom of TRUTH. (pt.1)


As we age, maintaining personal health(1) is a concern for most of us.  When we need help we want to know what to do, where to go and how to get the best value for the results we desire, optimal health.  However, our desired results often take a back seat to uninformed value systems.  We often look for solutions to our health problems from professionals without even knowing what questions to ask.  Who can we trust to give us the answers we deserve in a way we can understand?

In a perfect situation we are told that our physical problems are a result of our aging, some gene or some scary uncontrolled pathogen.   Then we find a doctor with the latest drug or therapy to remedy our ailment so we can carry on our merry way until next time.  Everything seems ok.

In reality, what happens when we attain this drug is that it ends up causing a whole new bunch of problems that require more drugs for all new problems.  This story is not new.  Your health becomes a search you cannot control or understand.

This search is the popular outside-in approach.  It is by definition the furthest thing from health (1).  This out-in approach is what accommodates the state of illness. It is a health care paradigm(2) of symptom value first.  This kind of health care creates a web of complicated symptoms to chase.

Symptom chasing is what happens when you care for an illness.  Our symptoms are then all chalked up to be a natural part of our growing old and we should accept this. Is this our only option, really?

It is true that the needs of our body change as we age, however,  it does not have to be true that our need for drugs and laboratory medicines is to be increased as we age.

Before we start to drug our bodies to dull the first sign of any symptom we must first ask:

Is there better way to understand how our

body can work more optimally as we age?

The answer to this question is a resounding

and hopeful YES!!!!





It has long been a measured known fact that our bodies have enough electrical potential to light several large cities at one time.

For those of you who may be electrically inclined it is about 11 million kw hours of potential energy that is locked up within the electrons of an atom in our body.  If this power can light up cites then why couldn’t it be directed into rebuilding a small body by comparison? 

Why is it common for us to understand that a whole world can be light up with electricity yet when that same electricity is applied to our human body it suddenly becomes difficult for most to believe that we are be able to harness our own electrical energy to heal and strengthen our bodies?

The answer to this lack of understanding lies deep within the popular belief system and blind trust of todays health care paradigm.

The popular belief is that when we fall ill we immediately identify ourselves as a powerless victim with an illness.  With this kind of identity we will find ourselves 80% of the time with a whole string of harmful ineffective interventions that are undertaken with a false pretext of ‘help’.  We often become afraid and confused leaving our lives in the balance of a treatment protocol that is based on symptoms when these symptoms may not actually be the cause of the problem.

Is there another way?  Another paradigm??

Sure, there is!!!

QUESTION: What can YOU do?

ANSWER: You could build new habits everyday that are consistent with your desired result of optimal health.  You could identify the opportunity to heal in yourself as an empowered participant instead of a powerless victim.

If you SUDDENLY could understand clearly & profoundly that you ARE a VITAL force in creating your own health from the start then why would you want to wait for a problem to over take you before taking action?

Choosing chiropractic wellness lifestyle by getting your spine

checked often, will simplify your life.


(1) HEALTH:  a state of optimal physical, mental and social well being; not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (W.H.O. definition)

(2) PARADIGM: an example.


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