The future healthy lives of our children is invested heavily within the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic care. But how well do all the people in the general public really understand chiropractic?  Do they get it in a way that a growing number of parents already do?  How many really know that the structure of the spine will impact body function profoundly weather you are aware of that body function or not?  How often are we told about the power of our inborn healing potential by our doctors and shown how to support this potential properly?  What are symptoms really?  What are the things that truly support the health of my family?

It is a stark reality from the perspective of a wholistic health care provider to think how many parents are left in the dark about what they can do for the health of their children and themselves.  Their is obviously no shortage of work to be done by those in the know to educate those who are listening.  Are you listening?

Today, the immune systems of our kids are under tremendous stress.  Just look at the unrelenting rise of childhood autoimmune diseases. Once this becomes obvious to a parent or caring person that there are many children getting sicker and a move toward a change of healthy lifestyle needs to be found with urgency with Chiropractic at the helm.  If we are to reverse this destructive health trend now we need to hold onto a positive lifestyle change for life.  That is what it will take to hand healthy lifestyles over to our kids for the next generation and beyond.


Chiropractic as a first choice is the easiest choice to make on a path of wellness.  Chiropractic in your lifestyle will benefit you long and short term to enhance your natural immunity and overall body function.   We can feel better in a wellness lifestyle by first removing any harmful micro-postures often unseen to the plain eye and hidden in 1 of the 24 vertebrate of the spine.  A chiropractor has the ability to find these harmful micro-postures and remove them.  These ill fated micro-postures are called vertebral subluxations when they are found in the spine.  Subluxations are caused from 3 main stressors: trauma or physical stress, emotional stress and/or nutritional stress.  That is why these 3 stressors must be given attention when living in a chiropractic wellness lifestyle.  The only specialists trained to locate primary vertebral subluxations are chiropractors.

It all boils down to spinal integrity for optimal body function.

It always has. It always will.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to add a little style to your life by getting your spine checked regularly for subluxations by your chiropractor.


Diabetes, arthiritus, digestive disorders of all kinds and obesity in our children are all types of autoimmunity.  Autoimmunity means that the body is becoming immune-to-self and has identified some vital part of the body as a toxin to be removed.  This complication gets in the way of the bodies normal function for optimal survival. When autoimmunity happens to the body, the body is trying to move itself away from itself.  It is difficult to handle by medical convention.

But Yet, It is still perfection.

Remember, that in a body the function is always perfect because it is acting on your behalf within the environment you live in to keep you alive at all cost for as long as possible. This is the function of nature, to survive.  Whether the environment you live in is painful or pleasurable it is perfection.  It is perfection that is found within the function of nature.  Perfection is also how chiropractic works to improve what needs improvement and to allow the body to work through stress while maintaining minimal interventions.  Through chiropractic lifestyle the body can work as a whole by itself to improve you daily.

So, Who or what decides what needs improvement?  A symptom?  A pain?  A worry?  A doctor?…all good answers but they are only part of the end game of how the body communicates with you.  Give it some thought and effort and you will find the truth.


To become healthier we will begin right here, right now with ourselves and our children. We can and will teach them to become empowered and fearless when it comes to healthy choices.

Being taught by their parents to be the masters of their own body through chiropractic lifestyle, these kids will take themselves and us into a healthier future.

Dr. D says, Be well.



  1. I enjoyed reading ur blog. It inspired me to look into autoimmunity to gain a deeper understanding. Thank u. Have a good day.

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