*URGENT*: Front Line Update


For our health many show no concern or have any idea where to begin for improvement.  They are giving up hope that there is better health to experience other than what a lifestyle of medication provides.  

There is a better way, it is called Chiropractic Lifestyle.

Many of us, when we fall ill,  first take a pharma pill to get back to how we felt before we became ill.  Too many people are all to often let down by this slippery slope of lies.  We fail to look for the answers that are right in front of us if we have the eyes to see it.

The beginning of the solution and the start of the problem is found on our very own dinner plate.  Over eating, over cooking and under preparing our food has become a health problem to epidemic proportion.  

Constantly looking for miracles from outside the body we are missing the opportunity to embrace our inborn healing abilities from inside the body.

But, It is one thing to say you understand a simple truth and it is another thing to actually live a simple truth.

The body will do what it does to keep you alive and there are rules for longevity both in portions of quality and quantity of life. 

Many think that fast food, sedentary lifestyle, sugar consumption and processed foods are part of a life well lived as long as you remain happy and positive and ignorant to what inborn intelligence really is.

The problem is that many still  believe they are enjoying their sodas.  They think they are enjoying the Wendys, McDonalds and Dairy Queen.  They think they are enjoying these fried, processed and denatured foods yet in fact their immune systems are dieing from these harmful habits no matter how happy they think they are.  These food products are not food and create responses in the body that do not add to what we can optimally become no matter how much we think this food like garbage is a part of our lifestyle.

“It has been forgotten that the body has a job to do.  It will do it. In time you will add or subtract from your optimal function with what you put in your body for food.”

Making the choice to become all that you ever imagined is yours.  The first and 2 easiest ways to understand the experience of optimal function  is to start with the spine and follow up with the plate.

In other words, get adjusted, eat well and understand that you are already part of a greater plan to thrive alive while you live!

Dr. D says

“Be Well.  Look Alive!”


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