GRATITUDE!! That is what any celebration is all about. Who or what are YOU holding gratitude for at this moment?  Is it a special person, your job, the place where you live, the food that your prepare?  Maybe all of the above?

It is important that every meal time is also filled with gratitude.  Having gratitude around the dinner table is like inviting a guest to your meal.  We first ask the question:  Do I want to eat with this person?  Does this person want to eat with me?

Just as we would weigh in with a human dinner guest we should also take the same approach to our emotions before sitting down to share a meal with others.  Having nasty emotions (especially covert unexpressed ones) inside of us during a meal is like having an unwanted guest sitting across from you staring.  (Just the very idea of this as a mental image is probably at least mildly disturbing to you.)

But, on the other hand, if you could fill yourself with grace and respect for all that you share time with it will enhance your wellness and improve your digestion. To get more nutrients from your meal the idea is to enjoy the whole experience of filling your body with good food by surrounding yourself with love and gratitude.

We need to become responsible for what we are feeling around the table. We then become more accountable for spreading love and nice things through our life.  Inner peace, good food and lovely people make healthy lives.

Its a true practice worth having indeed!





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