CHIROPRACTIC: A minor understanding of detail.

Chiropractic has been long rooted in the practice of what is known today as ‘Wellness’.  Yet today the term wellness has been used in many facets.  It is almost confusing to try to figure out what wellness truly is the way it is thrown around by certain health care communities.  When referring to all the medical tests that where previously known only as standard protocol but now are known as flowery wellness screenings still nobody gets better long term.

It feels like modern medicine uses the term wellness to subdue the public views of fear and the high potential of negative outcomes through the medical examination.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Wellness is the pursuit of a symptom free body through drugs or “health screenings” of any kind.  
By definition, It is not.  You cannot ultimately prevent an illness by simply looking to see if you have one.  And if you find one is that then still prevention?  or wellness? or something else?  Im confused?  What is wellness again?


well·ness [wel-nis] noun

1. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases. (my question is What is life? Is it in time?  Or is it through a moment?  Does prolonged life mean quality or quantity? These are things for you to define for yourself.)



A  focus on preventing something from happening in the future by trying to change what has been done in the past will sabotage what should be our focus on becoming better in every moment right now. To live in prevention will teach us to rely more on a ‘fear for our lives’ mentality.  That fear will lead us to a stressful false hope for our future in health. 

Instead, Empowering our choices for health and well being into habit by doing the right thing will keep us in peace and is a much better way .  Prevention is more enjoyable as a “side effect” to daily health empowerment in every possible moment. Prevention is not as fun and less effective when it is used as a primary goal  toward a future that may or may not exist.  Looking to prevention will always lead you to a pending fear of something.

Wellness, as Chiropractors know it, truthfully implies that something IS actually going right.  The headache becomes less important and we more often share things like, “hey, i feel pretty good today.” or, Man o man! I dont have an ache anywhere today!” or, “I cant WAIT for tomorrow!” etc.

We understand how perfect we are in our life process. Though we might not FEEL what we like ALL of the time we are FEELING something and that is recognized as the process of healing and permission to move forward and do something different. Feeling is always better than the alternative: not feeling.

We are empowering our faith in power by doing the right thing for our bodies and  feeling good from within. We begin to express ourselves holistically.

By teaching our children the same we begin to support a sustainable culture through the solidarity of our eternal influence.  This way of understanding empowers us to a daily focus on possibility and hope. Suddenly we understand that we can heal, we can grow, we can change for the better. We win. All the help we really need is literally at our fingertips. The Chiropractor is ready to help.

This minor understanding of detail creates a major shift in daily priority. It should be understood that ‘Wellness’ is a modern term that seems like it is being used to entrap and confuse what Chiropractic has known all along without a doubt.  

The understanding that there is an innate power inborn within our body working to heal us in every moment regardless of how we decide to support or abuse it.  The evidence shows that we are much happier when we support it.

For us to truly heal we must understand that it is the Inborn Innate Power inside of us that is more sustainable than anything else. If treated gently and then left alone to express what it needs the Inborn Innate Power will nurture and support our natural ability from within and on its own terms.  This way is most effective for a positive life experience.

We will change our world for the better when we start to listen to our symptoms as a natural call toward the need to feel more instead of the unbearable call to endure the suffering of feeling less with drugs of any kind.  By shifting our priority to support peaceful  Innate Healing process we move further away from living in fear and pain.  A powerful window of opportunity is found within the adjustment of Chiropractic.

“Chiropractic Adjustments engage the Innate Process within us perfectly.” -DrD.

“the power that made the body heals the body.” ~chiropractic


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