THE PROCESS OF HEALING is effective and mostly pleasant when it occurs naturally and in a wholistic manner.

Lets examine these important definitions to help us better understand two important healing phases that are vital to the perspective of wholistic healing and this discussion.


re·stor·a·tive  /riˈstôrətiv/ Adjective
1. Having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being.

trans·for·ma·tion (trnsfr-mshn, -fôr-)n
1. a. The act or an instance of transforming.
The state of being transformed.

2. A marked change, as in appearance or character, usually for the better.

3. Mathematics
a. Replacement of the variables in an algebraic expression by their values in terms of another set of variables.
b. A mapping of one space onto another or onto itself.

4. Genetics
a. The change undergone by an animal cell upon infection by a cancer-causing virus.
b. The alteration of a bacterial cell caused by the transfer of DNA from another bacterial cell, especially a pathogen.

1: of or relating to holism
2: relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts <holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body> <holistic ecology views humans and the environment as a single system>


Now, With that being said we can move forward in our discussion on healing.

Healing gracefully between restoration and transformation can be both an instant occurrence as much as it is a lifelong process.  More often it is a synergy between the two that get us the best results toward sustainability.

In other words it is like swimming through a rivers current. At times it is necessary to swim with the current and at other times it is more appropriate to swim against the current.  Between the two you can eventually make it to shore one way or the other.

For the best outcomes in life we must do the right thing for the body and mind to work together. We must allow for the wisdom of the natural self regulated healing systems to guide our choices as it was originally intended. Within the ability to see the body and mind as one we find the “body-mind”. We must learn to allow the “body-mind” to work on its own terms and not on the terms of our mind alone. By using the mind alone to make these choices for the body will override the much wiser processes of our body known to Chiropractors and Chiropractic people as innate intelligence.

Innate intelligence is waiting for us to acknowledge it so it can optimally support us.  It always works better for us in the long run when we see healing process from that way.

Many times in the past the healing process has been instantly hijacked by fear when one is given a diagnosis along with a gloomy prognosis.

Decisions are then made by the mind to suppress the feeling (symptom) that brought the attention to the problem in the first place. By suppressing the feeling (symptom) is like reading the last sentence in a book and thinking that you understand the whole context. By doing this you are only asking for problems instead of looking beyond the problems to find the solution.

We will never discover a solution to the problem by trying to find the solution with the same kind of thinking that discovered the problem.

From here it is easy to understand the importance of looking beyond the problem itself if you are truly looking to solve it.

By entraining consciously with our inborn healing abilities through unconscious self regulation everyone can learn how to empower their healing from within. This one idea is the beginning of a real sustainable solution for all of our health matters.

HOW IT USED TO START (a brief history):
What used to be the typical process of sick care begins when one is diagnosed with chronic dis-EASE and one is prone to desperately cater to the immediate priorities of those who made the diagnosis.
In fact this is what is expected and also what is desired by many in our current popular health care crisis culture.  After all, they are the experts and we are desperate for answers! Right?

The truth is that these unsustainable desires to let others manage your outcomes is dangerous.  Especially because these outcomes are generally based on everyone else’s failure.
When we lack involvement in our own healing we will be lead to be as passive as possible on our path to recovery.  This lack of desire to examine our personal accountability of what brought on the circumstance in the first place can only bring more suffering.

Impersonal Desire = False hope = Lack of Knowledge

This unproductive way of thinking is dangerous and is void of any real hope when one is truly wanting to heal.  This choice comes from lack of knowledge that there is something better, more effective and requires the same amount or less effort from us.
Could it be that a simple empowered shift of our perception is all that is required?

Hosea 4: 6 (KJV)
My people perish from a lack of knowledge.

But to what level do we really have control over how we heal once chronic disease has set in?

The answer to this question is discovered between the duration of time that degeneration has been allowed to occur and also within a persons individual capacity to begin to face the painful reality of personal responsibility and then to do something about it.  For some, this is the most difficult step to bring deep healing to life.

The capacity to face our individual reality is the channel through which our personal accountability to heal will empower deep healing into action. Now this true healing process suddenly has permission in our mind to begin to move as it is.

The empowerment then moves like a dance between the functions of restoration and transformation.

EXAMINING THE CHIROPRACTIC ROLE WITHIN HEALING FUNCTION as the dance between Transformation and Restoration.

Often when going to see a chiropractor to get our spines checked we are told to stretch our spines daily to hold the adjustment better.  This is a practice I myself have recommended many times and with great success.  However, because you are reading this, I will be your self appointed virtual Chiropractor.  I am going to take the liberty to recommend that you stretch your mind a bit because we are about to make some adjustments to it.

So get ready and hold on, this will only take a second.

Here we go……..

Testing Perception and increasing awareness are key principles to wellness weather you are talking about the mind or the body or both!

The truth is that beyond what many of you may currently think, it is Chiropractic that has a profound influence on the structure and function of the body.  This is especially obvious to anyone who practices Chiropractic on a regular basis.  (eh, hem fellow DocTORS!)

By restoring function through the transforming of structure it is Chiropractic that can empower what the body IS rather than to control what the body FEELS.

Restorative healing and/or transformational healing are found on may levels when you start to look at things holistically.

For anyone wanting to heal from any kind of malady whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual it must be understood that the process of healing is just that, a process.
Every process has phases that of each their own time and season.  Like a guide or road map that keeps us from getting lost the phases help us to identify where we are in the healing process.  It also helps us to keep ourselves in perspective in order to do the right thing at the right time.

Within each of the phases, transformation or restoration, there is another ever evolving relationship between stability and change that keeps us on our toes as we endeavor to heal.

So in the Macrocosm:

Chiropractic CORRECTS with restorative healing and CONNECTS through transformational healing while balancing perfectly between stability and change.

There is no other healing system on the planet that I know of that allows for this to happen while standing firmly on its own terms.

Whatever process is needed the Chiropractic adjustment is perfect because it PLACES us where we need to be.  In order to perfectly heal we need to unlock our optimal inborn healing power that was present from the time we were in utero. The best part is that this same healing power is still working in our bodies today.

Though much of what we call healthcare today for chronic illness has no regard to how the body heals naturally.

However, most who NEED transformational care are seeking restorative care only because of their lack of knowledge around what transformational healing is. This is important to understand.

When it is our desire to show up for Chiropractic care for whatever reason the mind-body often has its own plans.  After an adjustment these plans are structured without our mindful permission to give us the most effective order to heal.

With perfect timing and in perfect time the adjustment gives us our best of what we NEED to heal daily weather it be restorative healing or transformational healing or something completely NEW!
The more we become empowered about our self healing abilities the more we have tendency to keep showing up to do the right things just like gravity does. Structure influences function and the more often we align that influence we will find that what we want and what the body gives us will eventually line up perfectly… it has to.

Because healing is life and we are all peaceful at heart by the essence of nature. Healing will not occur without this peace.  Life cannot thrive in a body without the essence of peace.  It is more possible for the experience of serenity to become sustainable in a body once the adjustment is given.  It is not ultimately up to doctors to control others capacity to heal.  It never has been. This approach will always fail.

The role of an effective Doctor is the ability to work within a persons individual capacity to want to heal by teaching first and then becoming a guide toward that person’s desire to heal.

It is up to our choices to listen deeply or not at all, to restore or renew, to just wait or align. These choices will simply either support or ignore our internal healing potential.  The obvious outcome will ensue.

One of those supportive choices is Chiropractic.  This is because It works!  And you are worth it!!


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