HOW ARE YOU “TEACHABLE”? part 1 (From the desk of DrD)

Learning is a process where change can gather its fuel.  How we decide to listen and whom we decide to listen to can either bring us empowering transformation or comfortable compliance.  -DrD

From the time we begin as children from age 0-6 or so we are born with the incredible ability to observe, process and internalize mega volumes of information. All this information comes intentionally or unintentionally through the voices we hear, the actions we see, the movements we feel, and the habits we are taught from the people who surround us the most. Some of these things are good and others are not so good but either way it all goes in to be processed by the brain. The information received then settles somewhere within the neural matrix of the young child brain to either express back immediately, store away for another time or it hides away in the far corners especially reserved for those things we don’t care to remember. Regardless of where the information is stored, if it is remembered or not (in its totality) it becomes part of our total consciousness perception.

Let’s first get a grip on what consciousness is:



It could be helpful here to reflect back and try to remember when we where born. We might remember back then we where physically defenseless to survive on our own. Besides our mothers of coarse we are luckily given two inborn strategies of our own to compel our survival. The first is the high pitched robust belly cry to entice someone to feed, change or cuddle with us. The second is the inborn hyperactive curiosity to a certain burning question. This certain question is implanted deep within our mind and soul. It is in our blood. We don’t know where it came from or where it will take us. The question is also safely and strongly compelled by the primal desire to find out the ultimate answer to itself.
So, your probably wondering:
The quest-ion in question is simply:

what do i do?”

Thats right! From the time we are born we are searching for the answer to that one burning question!


Sounds easy enough. Right? Umm. Maybe not? There is an overlooked problem here. The problem with this is that as we grow into adults we begin playing around with smaller versions of this question and never learn how to answer the larger part of this question. Many of us continue to never really know what to do because we are simply never shown how to know what to do.

As children we are typically made with fragile yet resilient active little bodies to better handle the many physical variables in order to better ensure that our search for this answer is a success BEFORE we grow up. We are still never shown how to find the real answer to “what do i do?”. This is likely due to the fact that no one can teach what they don’t know. Think about that one eh? It is even more of a problem for a child when we, their parents, teachers or role models don’t know what to do either and have NO IDEA that we don’t know. Of all the things we know and can teach, how can we teach what we don’t know? We can not.

HOW this has happened is the topic of another day.

HOW this perpetuates is more suitable for today’s conversation.

So now we can move forward with exploring the lost question of “what do i do?”.

The following is an exploration of how ignorance can perpetuate unchecked through the generations.  Also, how the ability to answer the larger part of the inborn question “what do I do?  is effected by a relationship with that ignorance.  The first step is to become aware that we have no idea. But how can we own this awareness if we have no knowledge of its possibility to begin with?  Now for the fun part. Read on.

It begins to perpetuate around the first 6 years when we become removed from the desire to explore for the answer to the question “what do I do?”. We are compelled to explore other things as we are told to “act our age” or “grow up” etc..   Meanwhile,  At the same time we have no idea what those directives mean so we wait for a definition from the people who insight such loose direction and whom also have no idea what that really means.  That is because they have never been properly told what they are supposed to do either.  They are only repeating what has been perpetuated on them. Ignorance is passed on just like this.  It is one example of how we get started down he road to a life well lived in ignorance and complacency all accepted in the name of conventional silent inconvenience.  Could there be something within our modern popular culture that is overlooking the importance of proper examination to this question?

“What do i do?”

Should we consider looking to establish something new for our modern culture other than perpetuating ignorance through lack of awareness?  How about we work toward establishing accountability around being aware of our unconscious as a first step toward building constructive growth habits? I know that is a mouth full as well as a mind full but i dare you to take a bite and chew for a bit.

How can we even begin to open our awareness for something new unless we become aware that we are simply unconscious about something first?  In this case we are examining the inborn question of “what do I do?” as the first aware and unconscious factor needing attention on the path of becoming teachable.

Not “what have I done?” Or “what has been done to me?” Or “what will I do?” Or even “what have I been doing?” Or “what have I been told to do?”


Until we are able to mindfully move toward the aware UNconscious from the UNaware UNconscious we will be left staring and repeating like a spiritual mantra or religious litany one of the many phrases like: “I dont know?”, “I dont care.”, “Whatever”, Do whatever you like honey.”, “Thats Life.” Etc etc, and things like that all to often. The results that follow are neither spiritual or religious.

I do not mean to say there is harm in saying one or all of the previously mentioned statements once in awhile.  However, Those questions can be useful only when it is asked with the desire for inspiring a solution for a problem. After all if a problem is worth bringing up it should be worth solving right?  The big idea would be to move forward through the question toward a solution instead of sitting on the question with no desire leaving the problem unsolved and unexplored.

An example of this difference would look like this :

Whatever. (problem with no desire for solution)
Whatever, can we do? (problem with a desire for solution)

Either way these thoughts will solidify in the brain as a memory.  If the unexplored possibility is repeatedly suppressed enough times it will manifest profoundly and unknowingly as an unconscious habit to be mindfully aloof. You would have no idea. This is what it looks like to be unconscious and unaware aka helpless (but not hopeless).

Being unconscious and unaware leaves us without a chance to learn anything new to grow and change or to grow and improve. Now I can hear some of you saying “I dont need to change” or I dont want to learn anything new.” That is ok.  I don not believe you but that is still fine. But if it really was true you probably wouldn’t have held an interest to read this far!  So how do we get out of this unaware unconscious state?

Feel free to read on carefully:

There is no change without challenge. Without challenging yourself to outwardly change from time to time with new ideas, new habits, and new movements it will conflict with your own inner wisdom of change.  Your inner wisdom works all the time with or without your permission.  It is called autonomic regulation process.  This means it does not need the permission of logic to be effective.  It is beyond logic.  It is innate intelligence.  It is a self regulated process to keep you alive.  It is a gift from God. (Ie; heart beat, digestion, blood flow, breath, well, you get the picture.)

It is change itself that is guided by innate intelligence and monitored by autonomic function that keeps you alive at all cost outside of accidental traumatic death.

For life to thrive, change is necessary. Without change your body will die faster. This is true on all levels. The same immutable truth of change can be applied to all levels of body function, personal habits, consciousness, awareness and thoughts on a daily bases.

DEATHSTYLE vs. LIFESTYLE (understand and grow)

I want to be clear here as to what we mean by death vs. life.  I’m talking not about pure physical death or life but to a more profound understanding of death and life as it measures up to quality and quantity on a moment to moment scale.  Every moment gives us an opportunity to live or die, to grow or stagnate, to listen or ignore.  Now we must learn to apply this broader moment to moment understanding that we have long forgotten or have been taught to ignore toward a new way of thinking.

This understanding could improve our true QUALITY of life that will more likely lead to our true longevity or QUANTITY of life granted we stay safe. Which is in the end what we all hope for ourselves and the ones we love most.

First it should be agreed that no one anywhere can guarantee long life for anybody. However, you can almost bet on the portion of QUALITY based on your willingness to expose any of your hidden potentials and turning them into visible potentials. Now remember quality life requires work and change.  This type of change often leads to quantity of life so we don’t need to worry about that. Stay present. There is no potion available that can hand us longevity though we can enjoy ourselves right now.  We need to prioritize our move from of the state of unaware unconscious in order to deeply enjoy ourselves in every moment.


So how do we get out of this unaware unconscious state?

This first step to liberation from unaware unconscious to the aware unconscious is done through intention by admitting to yourself that you are unaware and unconscious of a better way. By learning to bond once again with the simple question of our heart and soul as: “WHAT DO I DO?”

In this moment you have succeeded by reading this!



CHIROPRACTIC: A minor understanding of detail.

Chiropractic has been long rooted in the practice of what is known today as ‘Wellness’.  Yet today the term wellness has been used in many facets.  It is almost confusing to try to figure out what wellness truly is the way it is thrown around by certain health care communities.  When referring to all the medical tests that where previously known only as standard protocol but now are known as flowery wellness screenings still nobody gets better long term.

It feels like modern medicine uses the term wellness to subdue the public views of fear and the high potential of negative outcomes through the medical examination.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Wellness is the pursuit of a symptom free body through drugs or “health screenings” of any kind.  
By definition, It is not.  You cannot ultimately prevent an illness by simply looking to see if you have one.  And if you find one is that then still prevention?  or wellness? or something else?  Im confused?  What is wellness again?


well·ness [wel-nis] noun

1. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases. (my question is What is life? Is it in time?  Or is it through a moment?  Does prolonged life mean quality or quantity? These are things for you to define for yourself.)



A  focus on preventing something from happening in the future by trying to change what has been done in the past will sabotage what should be our focus on becoming better in every moment right now. To live in prevention will teach us to rely more on a ‘fear for our lives’ mentality.  That fear will lead us to a stressful false hope for our future in health. 

Instead, Empowering our choices for health and well being into habit by doing the right thing will keep us in peace and is a much better way .  Prevention is more enjoyable as a “side effect” to daily health empowerment in every possible moment. Prevention is not as fun and less effective when it is used as a primary goal  toward a future that may or may not exist.  Looking to prevention will always lead you to a pending fear of something.

Wellness, as Chiropractors know it, truthfully implies that something IS actually going right.  The headache becomes less important and we more often share things like, “hey, i feel pretty good today.” or, Man o man! I dont have an ache anywhere today!” or, “I cant WAIT for tomorrow!” etc.

We understand how perfect we are in our life process. Though we might not FEEL what we like ALL of the time we are FEELING something and that is recognized as the process of healing and permission to move forward and do something different. Feeling is always better than the alternative: not feeling.

We are empowering our faith in power by doing the right thing for our bodies and  feeling good from within. We begin to express ourselves holistically.

By teaching our children the same we begin to support a sustainable culture through the solidarity of our eternal influence.  This way of understanding empowers us to a daily focus on possibility and hope. Suddenly we understand that we can heal, we can grow, we can change for the better. We win. All the help we really need is literally at our fingertips. The Chiropractor is ready to help.

This minor understanding of detail creates a major shift in daily priority. It should be understood that ‘Wellness’ is a modern term that seems like it is being used to entrap and confuse what Chiropractic has known all along without a doubt.  

The understanding that there is an innate power inborn within our body working to heal us in every moment regardless of how we decide to support or abuse it.  The evidence shows that we are much happier when we support it.

For us to truly heal we must understand that it is the Inborn Innate Power inside of us that is more sustainable than anything else. If treated gently and then left alone to express what it needs the Inborn Innate Power will nurture and support our natural ability from within and on its own terms.  This way is most effective for a positive life experience.

We will change our world for the better when we start to listen to our symptoms as a natural call toward the need to feel more instead of the unbearable call to endure the suffering of feeling less with drugs of any kind.  By shifting our priority to support peaceful  Innate Healing process we move further away from living in fear and pain.  A powerful window of opportunity is found within the adjustment of Chiropractic.

“Chiropractic Adjustments engage the Innate Process within us perfectly.” -DrD.

“the power that made the body heals the body.” ~chiropractic

WARNING: A Chiropractic lifestyle will not only keep you healthier through a lifetime but also has potential to replace the current sick care paradigm by making us healthy, happy and independent.



The most effective and easiest way to consistently reaffirm your connection to your healing source is with habitual chiropractic adjustments.  By getting our spines adjusted regularly we can optimally function on a daily basis.  It is a proven fact that the corner stone of a responsible modern wellness lifestyle is rooted in the science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic.

Lets face it.  To be healthy and thrive optimally in todays conventional world is becoming a type of rare art form.  With drug ads every 30 seconds on every television program and the relentless sterilization of the nutrition quality within our food by careless corporate interest in the name of food safety.

Is there any relief from this assault as we become more sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Many of us demand real healthy answers.  Who are the ones we can hold accountable for this “toxic body soup” we have been experiencing in ourselves and seeing in our loved ones as they become sicker and sicker without any real answers from the so called “health experts”.

Where do most of us usually go for answers? We go to the physicians that have received absolutely no training on spinal hygiene and little to no training on nutrient deficiencies to help us with our real problems.  These physicians are trained only to suppress what is really going wrong.  Often when asked about Chiropractic and nutrition these physicians will steer us clear even though they are often not qualified to take such an opposing stance. We should literally demand more for our health than what we swallow.

“We must constantly study, share and practice with love in order to

understand the unmuteable truth of the  body-mind connection.”

In this very second if the truth was to be understood all over the world then the body would be seen as a machine that functions on the sum of all its parts and not just a bunch of pieces that could go wrong at any time according to our genetic fate.

In this very second if the truth was to be understood all over the world then any chronic illness or diagnosis would be understood as secondary to an unhealthy body being the primary concern . The function of independent parts giving rise to symptoms within the body would be the clue not the problem.

If you think for at least 2 seconds about the faith we have put in this current health system for so long without question it seems insane that we keep doing the same thing over and over.  These things end up hurting us in the long run more often than helping us.  Even after the statistics, the science and the logic find us we are still more than willing to keep on giving ourselves up on the alter of toxic meds and uneccessary risky procedures as if we have no other choice.

In this very second if the truth was to be understood all over the world then we would realize that we do have a choice.

Without a collective understanding that the healthy function of our many body parts are more sustainable through acknowledgment of the whole body, we will continue to be known worldwide as the dieing nation with the brightest technologies.

If we really want to fix the health care in this country and be the leaders of health in this world again we should not find comfort in looking to government or 3rd party payment plans or other insurances that actually limit our choices by paying only for what some suit and tie in washingtonn or wallstreet thinks you should get for the illness that you have in which they know nothing about.  We need to look for doctors that prioritize our worth more than what the treatment i$ worth.  The Doctors and health professionals that understand their role in helping us to learn how to stay empowered around our true healing potential will be the ones to lead us out of this current health care (sick care) mess……..

We must constantly study, share and practice our contribution with love in order to understand the unmuteable truth of the body-mind connection. The stars are the only limit.

So, Lets get to work.


Today is an Awsome day to be healthy for each other!  (After all, we are in this together.)
With the personal daily affirmation to ourselves of what we are grateful for we are able to help each other collectively become more vibrant and loving. 

With this kind of sustainable caring everyone is supported in physical, social and mental well being!

We will soon begin to see that our joyful responsibility is to create a healthier world.
To support this joyful responsibility is the mission of MCW.
The journey begins by treating ourselves as a priority above all others. That is when we truly begin to take care.  It is through caring for ourselves that we can better care for others.

There is no better, easier, affordable, fun, productive, effective or convenient way to start treating yourself better than with a Chiropractic lifestyle!
The choice is clear.  A clear spine is a clear mind-body connection!

There is no machine, no book, no synthetic pill, no surgery, no modality, and no body that can give you what your Chiropractor can through Chiropractic.
A cleared neural system through chiropractic adjustment is the foundation of an optimally functioning body-mind system!
Keeping your immune system strong with Chiropractic is also the best means for prevention and recovery.

Here is a video I found on U-Tube that explains this very nicely.
(Never mind the word: ‘Sample’, that is pasted across the front of the video. Not sure why its there but I think it is a good video anyway.)

I am looking forward to serving you all this year as we work toward building a healthier you, a healthier country and a healthier world with much less need for harmful toxic meds or unnecessary procedures.
Here Are some hard stats and some empowering wellness facts that I learned from Dr. Wallach, to help keep you motivated.

  • We can eliminate 900 different diseases in this world with whole food nutritional supplements prior to getting sick. (The numbers go even higher when you include chiropractic.)

  • Over cooking or frying your food produces free radicals and other toxic substances in your food that will increase your risk of cancer by 462%. (baking, stewing, poaching or raw are better options.)

  • Pasteurized milk is deadly and nearly void of usable nutrients that the body needs.  Raw milk is safe and a great source for anti bodies, protein and minerals.

  • The flu vaccine has a 100% risk of danger to anyone willing to receive it. With only 15- 20% rate of effective protection.  (The label even says it presents a risk of cancer & infertility while the media says its safe. hmm.)

  • 78-90% of us are refusing the vaccine.

  • By using a chiropractor that knows how to guide your personal healing process with whole food nutrition and specific chiropractic adjustments it will increase your healing curve & positive results by 90%.

  • Dont Wait! True Healing takes time. Many people wait until they have no time left before they put their foot forward into a healing system that works.

  • When its all said and done it is health quality that is more valuable than quantity.  And quantity often follows quality in regards to health.  So this is applied to life!!

~many blessings to you in wellness.


call the wellness expert @ 716.352.6269 for your next wellness appt. asap.

***21 day body purification are being offered through MCW.  A solid foundation is established with these programs using Chiropractic Adjustments and Clinical Nutrition to start your wellness care.  A great combo that your body will love!!!***

You Become What You Think About…(the most)

Wellness Axiom #2

It has long been told that the primary control of our life’s health quality is given by our genetics or genes.   A study called “The Human Genome Project” was dedicated toward isolating all these genes in order to control each gene and its functions.  The goal was to be able to predict as many genetic outcomes as possible.  After many years, the study was unable to map out all of the  genes required to consider the study a success.  It was given in the conclusion that..”it shall remain a challenge for the future.” -HGP Human Genome Project

There is a more recent study called “The Human Epigenome Project, HEP.”  This study has started to give us scientific understanding into an idea that is even greater than  the previous ideas of a gene control mechanism. The previous long term dogma of genetic determination is giving way to the understanding of a new quantum view point called epigenetics.  Epigenetics is now giving rise to a new scientific paradigm that offers us a more empowered understanding of ourselves.  We  have more power in awareness than we currently realize.  For those of us who are in light of this “HEP” study, our old scientific paradigm of genetic determination is quickly losing ground.


Bruce Lipton is a well known cellular biologist that has been teaching this new biology for years.  I will give the floor to him in a minute….but first I will refer you to a great sight by ‘Nova, science now’ from PBS.  It is a great start to begin to understand what I’m talking about in greater depth.  You will see and understand as you put the pieces to-get-her why it is an important wellness axiom to practice, and how it is true that we do become what we think about.

*in “The Tale of Two Mice” notice how they prove that nutritional supplementation remedies the problematic epigenome in the study.  Yet, they still mention that they will  try to figure out a drug to manipulate what is already found to be workable and less evasive through  a simple dietary supplement!  I sometimes wonder why they even bother.. ;0)


Watch this and listen as Lipton shows you more of what is up!


In this next video Bruce Lipton proves “There are no limitations imposed by the genes.” refreshing!!

And mind boggleing in context of a world that believes it is a victum of the gene“-Bruce Lipton








To get adjusted regularly is the most effective,  most economical, and most efficient way to stay healthy.  To get adjusted by a licensed chiropractor has  known effects such as the strengthening of the immune system, a mood enhancer, a digestive aid and a sleep aid etc.  To remove all that stagnates life and bring out that which supports life can improve the quality of one’s life.  An adjustment helps to remove the stagnation or stress in the body.   A chiropractic adjustment will also upgrade the function of motion that exists already inside your perfect body.

“Do the right thing for it (the body), and it (the body) will do the best thing for you.  That is the unspoken promise of innate intelligence.  So please ENJOY your day and be blessed in knowing………………” -drd

Wellness is true health care “reform”.


Sitting here looking out of my window at a moon that is full of promise, though I am perplexed by the current standard of thinking within the law of medicine that seems to show little concern for our nations health care and its progress. The effectiveness of current “reform” methods goes unquestioned and almost seems as if its being ignored by the general public and ruling officials.  AMA, CMO’s and other organizations are acting as if the laws they pass or the sanctions they incorporate are going to make a difference with the true state of health and the care that this nation is giving as a standard. I believe this to be quite arrogant considering the 3 top causes of death and  diseases are all diagnosed and treated by their own accepted standard of care for the diseases.      Not to mention the stats show they have been ineffective and are unable to heal the body from the diseases they are liken to treat.      Most citizens stand paralyzed with ignorance wondering where this complex matrix of laws and systems will take them next.  Their only hope is that when they get sick the confusing “system” will take care of most of there treatment cost if they choose the “right” type of treatment.  What is meant by reform?  What are the odds?  Is this going to help us become healthier people?  I don’t think it will.  _____________________________________________________________

REFORM DEFINITION: 1.) make changes to something in order to improve it. 

2.) bring about a change in someone/something so they/it no longer behave in an immoral , criminal or self destructive manner.



Health “care” is very rarely brought up on the AMA sight when talking about “reform”.  It is mostly worded as “health system reform”, but nothing about improving care or expanding options for care.  The only thing that seems to be getting reformed are the ways to pay (or get paid) for the health care.  I am wondering if people who are less informed may think that system reform has anything to do with their method of care?  I should hope not.  

With this in mind must we should give a second glance to what true health care reform really means and what we are being told it should mean.  

As one of the sickest nations in our world with the highest tech. abilities and  the most skilled professionals there is still no emphasis on “reform” for the effectiveness of technology being used or for how it is being used… There is little interest in  expanding the priority of accepted care to include less symptom based treatments with more patient centered techniques.  There is no mention that most therapy systems that are “approved” in hospitals do not really heal anybody and there is still little effort to support the pursuit of any effective alternative knowledge to medicine. If the effort was made to persue any effective alternative knowledge to medicine as part of the protocol then it would broaden the spectrum of patient choices to improve patient comfort levels in receiving treatment in turn, empowering the probability of increased patient compliance and ultimate healing success.  This would be good.
Here is the article anyway:

 However, complete reform will never happen in the hands of an office or an article!  (Please, keep reading……)

Here are a few quotes from some of those CMO’s and organizations attending the reform summit:


Rich Umbdenstock, president and CEO, American Hospital Association. “Now more than ever before, all of us agree that fundamental reform of the nation’s health care system is critical – right now, this year – and is essential for every sector of society. The American people want bipartisan, responsible reform, and all of us do, too.”


“For decades, attempts to reform America’s health system have met with fractious debate,” said Georges C. Benjamin, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E.P. (E), executive director, American Public Health Association. “Until now, comprehensive health care reform has been deadlocked. The time has come to set aside some of our differences, talk openly with each other, and begin to find common ground. This process has significantly helped steer us toward that outcome.”


Public Health

The AMA will provide effective programs and tools to help doctors improve the health of the public around:

  • Healthy lifestyles — provide tools for physicians and advocate for national policies that help improve patient behaviors around obesity, tobacco and alcohol.  
  • Health disparities — help physicians reduce racial and ethnic disparities in health care and health status.
  • Disaster preparedness — develop training programs to help physicians and their communities prepare for disasters and to equip them to provide an effective medical response.

Here is what is being prescribed for reform:



Expand coverage
Improve quality
Reform government programs
Reduce cost
Increased focus on wellness and prevention
Payment and delivery reforms 



Here is the idea behind wellness and prevention AMA style:


Increased focus on wellness/prevention

• Align insurance benefit design with prevention evidence

• Make public investments in education, community

projects, and nutrition

• Eliminate racial, ethnic, and gender disparities



I found it really cool to see the word “wellness” at the bottom of the list next to the word “prevention” because  the only true reform we have lies within the holistic health model of wellness care. But, it will not come from any law, association, profession etc. etc.

WELLNESS:(1989)the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health.

With wellness being a fairly recent addition to the american vocabulary  it is important to realize that it is still a term that is kinda up in the air and undefined and I believe there is a reason for this.  While health care professions both holistic and allopathic models, from massage to surgery , everyone seems to clamor for a grasp of its true meaning in an effort to claim “wellness” as its own.  The professions will simply never attain this privilege, so they should stop trying.  Wellness belongs to the layman. It is true health care for the layman, by the layman.  Wellness as defined above is attained only by the individual whom truly seeks a better way.  With help from where you choose: a professional, or a neighbor, or a co-worker etc..  Application of wellness is the science of awareness and not rocket, test tube or clinical science.  There is no certification or diploma that grants you the gift of wellness.  If you need to seek wellness out you only need direction once, then it can be yours forever, if you choose it.  There will be no need to refill that bottle of wellness for a third time….or one if you forget to pack your wellness on that week long business trip, What to do then?  No monthly wellness treatments or annual blood tests to see if you have to much or to little wellness.  Wellness is experienced with lifestyle in breath, movement and awareness.  To maintain wellness we only have to share truth, and that is all. -DBW


….with the consciousness over natural health care expanding its possibilities are just now being realized in a large way.  It has always amazed me the ability that the body has to heal itself given the proper conditions. There is a response to these proper conditions that is mandated by the law of innate intelligence. Many of the favorable conditions can be easily learned  and used with a positive daily life pattern. I would like to talk about THE MOST IMPORTANT condition of them all.  Without it you will only achieve, at best, 65% -75% of what it is you are hoping to achieve.  Whether it be money, love, relationships, time etc.  you will only be able to have attained average amounts of what it is you want, and not optimal results unless this condition is met.  (Optimal results is what wellness is ALL about.) This most important condition I am talking about is simply known as Positive Mental Attitude.  Well, for some of us it might  not be that simple after all!? Right?  Well lets just say for a minute that it is simple. Did you know that without a positive mental attitude you could eat and drink good things, exercise, sleep well,  do yoga, pray, and every other good thing to do and still only get that %65- %75 results of what it is you are doing?  For some of you this percentage doesn’t sound  like a bad deal either, does it?  Yet for others this small 25%-35% it is a matter of life and death. (And if the truth is told many people that don’t have a positive mental attitude usually don’t do half of the other things either which brings the % down even more!)


special report: “IN TIME”

With your mind stuck in a stress response it can produce chemicals that produce acid in our body fluid chemistry.  This condition of acid  is what can give rise in time to many problems and also slow the healing processes of the body.  In time this will wear on the body. So, how can we practice a positive mental attitude in our lifestyle to support us in our efforts to be work toward 100% wellness?  Well, one might first look at the attitudes around the things that seem to “create” the most stress in life. Even if it is  hard to see anything positive it is important to open up to new ideas and reframe the possibilities around any problem. The focus of what is wanted is often over shadowed by what is needed by matter of necessity and this has tendency to blur even the most active of imaginations.  It must be asked at this point “Do we want our opportunity to continue to equal our abilities or do we rise to the occasion and bring our abilities to equal a higher opportunity?”   Focusing our activities on the abilities of healing in the body as a higher opportunity could be a start to new solution oriented views of health care. -DBW