CHIROPRACTIC: A minor understanding of detail.

Chiropractic has been long rooted in the practice of what is known today as ‘Wellness’.  Yet today the term wellness has been used in many facets.  It is almost confusing to try to figure out what wellness truly is the way it is thrown around by certain health care communities.  When referring to all the medical tests that where previously known only as standard protocol but now are known as flowery wellness screenings still nobody gets better long term.

It feels like modern medicine uses the term wellness to subdue the public views of fear and the high potential of negative outcomes through the medical examination.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Wellness is the pursuit of a symptom free body through drugs or “health screenings” of any kind.  
By definition, It is not.  You cannot ultimately prevent an illness by simply looking to see if you have one.  And if you find one is that then still prevention?  or wellness? or something else?  Im confused?  What is wellness again?


well·ness [wel-nis] noun

1. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases. (my question is What is life? Is it in time?  Or is it through a moment?  Does prolonged life mean quality or quantity? These are things for you to define for yourself.)



A  focus on preventing something from happening in the future by trying to change what has been done in the past will sabotage what should be our focus on becoming better in every moment right now. To live in prevention will teach us to rely more on a ‘fear for our lives’ mentality.  That fear will lead us to a stressful false hope for our future in health. 

Instead, Empowering our choices for health and well being into habit by doing the right thing will keep us in peace and is a much better way .  Prevention is more enjoyable as a “side effect” to daily health empowerment in every possible moment. Prevention is not as fun and less effective when it is used as a primary goal  toward a future that may or may not exist.  Looking to prevention will always lead you to a pending fear of something.

Wellness, as Chiropractors know it, truthfully implies that something IS actually going right.  The headache becomes less important and we more often share things like, “hey, i feel pretty good today.” or, Man o man! I dont have an ache anywhere today!” or, “I cant WAIT for tomorrow!” etc.

We understand how perfect we are in our life process. Though we might not FEEL what we like ALL of the time we are FEELING something and that is recognized as the process of healing and permission to move forward and do something different. Feeling is always better than the alternative: not feeling.

We are empowering our faith in power by doing the right thing for our bodies and  feeling good from within. We begin to express ourselves holistically.

By teaching our children the same we begin to support a sustainable culture through the solidarity of our eternal influence.  This way of understanding empowers us to a daily focus on possibility and hope. Suddenly we understand that we can heal, we can grow, we can change for the better. We win. All the help we really need is literally at our fingertips. The Chiropractor is ready to help.

This minor understanding of detail creates a major shift in daily priority. It should be understood that ‘Wellness’ is a modern term that seems like it is being used to entrap and confuse what Chiropractic has known all along without a doubt.  

The understanding that there is an innate power inborn within our body working to heal us in every moment regardless of how we decide to support or abuse it.  The evidence shows that we are much happier when we support it.

For us to truly heal we must understand that it is the Inborn Innate Power inside of us that is more sustainable than anything else. If treated gently and then left alone to express what it needs the Inborn Innate Power will nurture and support our natural ability from within and on its own terms.  This way is most effective for a positive life experience.

We will change our world for the better when we start to listen to our symptoms as a natural call toward the need to feel more instead of the unbearable call to endure the suffering of feeling less with drugs of any kind.  By shifting our priority to support peaceful  Innate Healing process we move further away from living in fear and pain.  A powerful window of opportunity is found within the adjustment of Chiropractic.

“Chiropractic Adjustments engage the Innate Process within us perfectly.” -DrD.

“the power that made the body heals the body.” ~chiropractic


WARNING: A Chiropractic lifestyle will not only keep you healthier through a lifetime but also has potential to replace the current sick care paradigm by making us healthy, happy and independent.



The most effective and easiest way to consistently reaffirm your connection to your healing source is with habitual chiropractic adjustments.  By getting our spines adjusted regularly we can optimally function on a daily basis.  It is a proven fact that the corner stone of a responsible modern wellness lifestyle is rooted in the science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic.

Lets face it.  To be healthy and thrive optimally in todays conventional world is becoming a type of rare art form.  With drug ads every 30 seconds on every television program and the relentless sterilization of the nutrition quality within our food by careless corporate interest in the name of food safety.

Is there any relief from this assault as we become more sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Many of us demand real healthy answers.  Who are the ones we can hold accountable for this “toxic body soup” we have been experiencing in ourselves and seeing in our loved ones as they become sicker and sicker without any real answers from the so called “health experts”.

Where do most of us usually go for answers? We go to the physicians that have received absolutely no training on spinal hygiene and little to no training on nutrient deficiencies to help us with our real problems.  These physicians are trained only to suppress what is really going wrong.  Often when asked about Chiropractic and nutrition these physicians will steer us clear even though they are often not qualified to take such an opposing stance. We should literally demand more for our health than what we swallow.

“We must constantly study, share and practice with love in order to

understand the unmuteable truth of the  body-mind connection.”

In this very second if the truth was to be understood all over the world then the body would be seen as a machine that functions on the sum of all its parts and not just a bunch of pieces that could go wrong at any time according to our genetic fate.

In this very second if the truth was to be understood all over the world then any chronic illness or diagnosis would be understood as secondary to an unhealthy body being the primary concern . The function of independent parts giving rise to symptoms within the body would be the clue not the problem.

If you think for at least 2 seconds about the faith we have put in this current health system for so long without question it seems insane that we keep doing the same thing over and over.  These things end up hurting us in the long run more often than helping us.  Even after the statistics, the science and the logic find us we are still more than willing to keep on giving ourselves up on the alter of toxic meds and uneccessary risky procedures as if we have no other choice.

In this very second if the truth was to be understood all over the world then we would realize that we do have a choice.

Without a collective understanding that the healthy function of our many body parts are more sustainable through acknowledgment of the whole body, we will continue to be known worldwide as the dieing nation with the brightest technologies.

If we really want to fix the health care in this country and be the leaders of health in this world again we should not find comfort in looking to government or 3rd party payment plans or other insurances that actually limit our choices by paying only for what some suit and tie in washingtonn or wallstreet thinks you should get for the illness that you have in which they know nothing about.  We need to look for doctors that prioritize our worth more than what the treatment i$ worth.  The Doctors and health professionals that understand their role in helping us to learn how to stay empowered around our true healing potential will be the ones to lead us out of this current health care (sick care) mess……..

We must constantly study, share and practice our contribution with love in order to understand the unmuteable truth of the body-mind connection. The stars are the only limit.

So, Lets get to work.


Today is an Awsome day to be healthy for each other!  (After all, we are in this together.)
With the personal daily affirmation to ourselves of what we are grateful for we are able to help each other collectively become more vibrant and loving. 

With this kind of sustainable caring everyone is supported in physical, social and mental well being!

We will soon begin to see that our joyful responsibility is to create a healthier world.
To support this joyful responsibility is the mission of MCW.
The journey begins by treating ourselves as a priority above all others. That is when we truly begin to take care.  It is through caring for ourselves that we can better care for others.

There is no better, easier, affordable, fun, productive, effective or convenient way to start treating yourself better than with a Chiropractic lifestyle!
The choice is clear.  A clear spine is a clear mind-body connection!

There is no machine, no book, no synthetic pill, no surgery, no modality, and no body that can give you what your Chiropractor can through Chiropractic.
A cleared neural system through chiropractic adjustment is the foundation of an optimally functioning body-mind system!
Keeping your immune system strong with Chiropractic is also the best means for prevention and recovery.

Here is a video I found on U-Tube that explains this very nicely.
(Never mind the word: ‘Sample’, that is pasted across the front of the video. Not sure why its there but I think it is a good video anyway.)

I am looking forward to serving you all this year as we work toward building a healthier you, a healthier country and a healthier world with much less need for harmful toxic meds or unnecessary procedures.
Here Are some hard stats and some empowering wellness facts that I learned from Dr. Wallach, to help keep you motivated.

  • We can eliminate 900 different diseases in this world with whole food nutritional supplements prior to getting sick. (The numbers go even higher when you include chiropractic.)

  • Over cooking or frying your food produces free radicals and other toxic substances in your food that will increase your risk of cancer by 462%. (baking, stewing, poaching or raw are better options.)

  • Pasteurized milk is deadly and nearly void of usable nutrients that the body needs.  Raw milk is safe and a great source for anti bodies, protein and minerals.

  • The flu vaccine has a 100% risk of danger to anyone willing to receive it. With only 15- 20% rate of effective protection.  (The label even says it presents a risk of cancer & infertility while the media says its safe. hmm.)

  • 78-90% of us are refusing the vaccine.

  • By using a chiropractor that knows how to guide your personal healing process with whole food nutrition and specific chiropractic adjustments it will increase your healing curve & positive results by 90%.

  • Dont Wait! True Healing takes time. Many people wait until they have no time left before they put their foot forward into a healing system that works.

  • When its all said and done it is health quality that is more valuable than quantity.  And quantity often follows quality in regards to health.  So this is applied to life!!

~many blessings to you in wellness.


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***21 day body purification are being offered through MCW.  A solid foundation is established with these programs using Chiropractic Adjustments and Clinical Nutrition to start your wellness care.  A great combo that your body will love!!!***

*URGENT*: Front Line Update


For our health many show no concern or have any idea where to begin for improvement.  They are giving up hope that there is better health to experience other than what a lifestyle of medication provides.  

There is a better way, it is called Chiropractic Lifestyle.

Many of us, when we fall ill,  first take a pharma pill to get back to how we felt before we became ill.  Too many people are all to often let down by this slippery slope of lies.  We fail to look for the answers that are right in front of us if we have the eyes to see it.

The beginning of the solution and the start of the problem is found on our very own dinner plate.  Over eating, over cooking and under preparing our food has become a health problem to epidemic proportion.  

Constantly looking for miracles from outside the body we are missing the opportunity to embrace our inborn healing abilities from inside the body.

But, It is one thing to say you understand a simple truth and it is another thing to actually live a simple truth.

The body will do what it does to keep you alive and there are rules for longevity both in portions of quality and quantity of life. 

Many think that fast food, sedentary lifestyle, sugar consumption and processed foods are part of a life well lived as long as you remain happy and positive and ignorant to what inborn intelligence really is.

The problem is that many still  believe they are enjoying their sodas.  They think they are enjoying the Wendys, McDonalds and Dairy Queen.  They think they are enjoying these fried, processed and denatured foods yet in fact their immune systems are dieing from these harmful habits no matter how happy they think they are.  These food products are not food and create responses in the body that do not add to what we can optimally become no matter how much we think this food like garbage is a part of our lifestyle.

“It has been forgotten that the body has a job to do.  It will do it. In time you will add or subtract from your optimal function with what you put in your body for food.”

Making the choice to become all that you ever imagined is yours.  The first and 2 easiest ways to understand the experience of optimal function  is to start with the spine and follow up with the plate.

In other words, get adjusted, eat well and understand that you are already part of a greater plan to thrive alive while you live!

Dr. D says

“Be Well.  Look Alive!”



You may find it interesting that your food choices can effect your spinal health! Yes! The food you eat can cause the body to experience higher levels of inflammation just to digest it!  This inflammation can cause pain in the body including back pain.

When a diet that is not balanced daily with at least 60% raw fruits and veggies, good fats and clean water it can weeken the immune system. An average cooked meal can then actually create inflammatory response inside your body.  Over time this contributing inflammation can tire out the body (liver) and create spinal subluxation and any number of chronic illness or types of body pain.

In addition to eating well there is another way to support your self-healing.  It is to remove spinal subluxations that cause neural interference.  Getting your spine adjusted by your Chiropractor regularly will help with this.  This will help your body support the function of your digestive system etc. etc.   Getting your spine adjusted will better connect all the good things you are doing to enhance your wellness.

Your spinal health can effect HOW your body does with the food you choose to eat.  Here is a list of what spinal nerves connect with some of your digestive body functions:

1.) T12, Small Intestines
2.) L1, Large Intestines
3.) L2, Abdomen, Appendix
4.) L3, Bladder, Sex Organs
5.) L4, Sciatic Nerve, Low Back Muscles

If there is interference to any or all of these pathways then your digestive function can not be optimal.

You either GET the BIG PICTURE or you don’t!

If you GET the BIG IDEA all else follows!


For a full body animation of your neural body map:

look here now.



The future healthy lives of our children is invested heavily within the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic care. But how well do all the people in the general public really understand chiropractic?  Do they get it in a way that a growing number of parents already do?  How many really know that the structure of the spine will impact body function profoundly weather you are aware of that body function or not?  How often are we told about the power of our inborn healing potential by our doctors and shown how to support this potential properly?  What are symptoms really?  What are the things that truly support the health of my family?

It is a stark reality from the perspective of a wholistic health care provider to think how many parents are left in the dark about what they can do for the health of their children and themselves.  Their is obviously no shortage of work to be done by those in the know to educate those who are listening.  Are you listening?

Today, the immune systems of our kids are under tremendous stress.  Just look at the unrelenting rise of childhood autoimmune diseases. Once this becomes obvious to a parent or caring person that there are many children getting sicker and a move toward a change of healthy lifestyle needs to be found with urgency with Chiropractic at the helm.  If we are to reverse this destructive health trend now we need to hold onto a positive lifestyle change for life.  That is what it will take to hand healthy lifestyles over to our kids for the next generation and beyond.


Chiropractic as a first choice is the easiest choice to make on a path of wellness.  Chiropractic in your lifestyle will benefit you long and short term to enhance your natural immunity and overall body function.   We can feel better in a wellness lifestyle by first removing any harmful micro-postures often unseen to the plain eye and hidden in 1 of the 24 vertebrate of the spine.  A chiropractor has the ability to find these harmful micro-postures and remove them.  These ill fated micro-postures are called vertebral subluxations when they are found in the spine.  Subluxations are caused from 3 main stressors: trauma or physical stress, emotional stress and/or nutritional stress.  That is why these 3 stressors must be given attention when living in a chiropractic wellness lifestyle.  The only specialists trained to locate primary vertebral subluxations are chiropractors.

It all boils down to spinal integrity for optimal body function.

It always has. It always will.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to add a little style to your life by getting your spine checked regularly for subluxations by your chiropractor.


Diabetes, arthiritus, digestive disorders of all kinds and obesity in our children are all types of autoimmunity.  Autoimmunity means that the body is becoming immune-to-self and has identified some vital part of the body as a toxin to be removed.  This complication gets in the way of the bodies normal function for optimal survival. When autoimmunity happens to the body, the body is trying to move itself away from itself.  It is difficult to handle by medical convention.

But Yet, It is still perfection.

Remember, that in a body the function is always perfect because it is acting on your behalf within the environment you live in to keep you alive at all cost for as long as possible. This is the function of nature, to survive.  Whether the environment you live in is painful or pleasurable it is perfection.  It is perfection that is found within the function of nature.  Perfection is also how chiropractic works to improve what needs improvement and to allow the body to work through stress while maintaining minimal interventions.  Through chiropractic lifestyle the body can work as a whole by itself to improve you daily.

So, Who or what decides what needs improvement?  A symptom?  A pain?  A worry?  A doctor?…all good answers but they are only part of the end game of how the body communicates with you.  Give it some thought and effort and you will find the truth.


To become healthier we will begin right here, right now with ourselves and our children. We can and will teach them to become empowered and fearless when it comes to healthy choices.

Being taught by their parents to be the masters of their own body through chiropractic lifestyle, these kids will take themselves and us into a healthier future.

Dr. D says, Be well.