GRATITUDE!! That is what any celebration is all about. Who or what are YOU holding gratitude for at this moment?  Is it a special person, your job, the place where you live, the food that your prepare?  Maybe all of the above?

It is important that every meal time is also filled with gratitude.  Having gratitude around the dinner table is like inviting a guest to your meal.  We first ask the question:  Do I want to eat with this person?  Does this person want to eat with me?

Just as we would weigh in with a human dinner guest we should also take the same approach to our emotions before sitting down to share a meal with others.  Having nasty emotions (especially covert unexpressed ones) inside of us during a meal is like having an unwanted guest sitting across from you staring.  (Just the very idea of this as a mental image is probably at least mildly disturbing to you.)

But, on the other hand, if you could fill yourself with grace and respect for all that you share time with it will enhance your wellness and improve your digestion. To get more nutrients from your meal the idea is to enjoy the whole experience of filling your body with good food by surrounding yourself with love and gratitude.

We need to become responsible for what we are feeling around the table. We then become more accountable for spreading love and nice things through our life.  Inner peace, good food and lovely people make healthy lives.

Its a true practice worth having indeed!





*URGENT*: Front Line Update


For our health many show no concern or have any idea where to begin for improvement.  They are giving up hope that there is better health to experience other than what a lifestyle of medication provides.  

There is a better way, it is called Chiropractic Lifestyle.

Many of us, when we fall ill,  first take a pharma pill to get back to how we felt before we became ill.  Too many people are all to often let down by this slippery slope of lies.  We fail to look for the answers that are right in front of us if we have the eyes to see it.

The beginning of the solution and the start of the problem is found on our very own dinner plate.  Over eating, over cooking and under preparing our food has become a health problem to epidemic proportion.  

Constantly looking for miracles from outside the body we are missing the opportunity to embrace our inborn healing abilities from inside the body.

But, It is one thing to say you understand a simple truth and it is another thing to actually live a simple truth.

The body will do what it does to keep you alive and there are rules for longevity both in portions of quality and quantity of life. 

Many think that fast food, sedentary lifestyle, sugar consumption and processed foods are part of a life well lived as long as you remain happy and positive and ignorant to what inborn intelligence really is.

The problem is that many still  believe they are enjoying their sodas.  They think they are enjoying the Wendys, McDonalds and Dairy Queen.  They think they are enjoying these fried, processed and denatured foods yet in fact their immune systems are dieing from these harmful habits no matter how happy they think they are.  These food products are not food and create responses in the body that do not add to what we can optimally become no matter how much we think this food like garbage is a part of our lifestyle.

“It has been forgotten that the body has a job to do.  It will do it. In time you will add or subtract from your optimal function with what you put in your body for food.”

Making the choice to become all that you ever imagined is yours.  The first and 2 easiest ways to understand the experience of optimal function  is to start with the spine and follow up with the plate.

In other words, get adjusted, eat well and understand that you are already part of a greater plan to thrive alive while you live!

Dr. D says

“Be Well.  Look Alive!”



You may find it interesting that your food choices can effect your spinal health! Yes! The food you eat can cause the body to experience higher levels of inflammation just to digest it!  This inflammation can cause pain in the body including back pain.

When a diet that is not balanced daily with at least 60% raw fruits and veggies, good fats and clean water it can weeken the immune system. An average cooked meal can then actually create inflammatory response inside your body.  Over time this contributing inflammation can tire out the body (liver) and create spinal subluxation and any number of chronic illness or types of body pain.

In addition to eating well there is another way to support your self-healing.  It is to remove spinal subluxations that cause neural interference.  Getting your spine adjusted by your Chiropractor regularly will help with this.  This will help your body support the function of your digestive system etc. etc.   Getting your spine adjusted will better connect all the good things you are doing to enhance your wellness.

Your spinal health can effect HOW your body does with the food you choose to eat.  Here is a list of what spinal nerves connect with some of your digestive body functions:

1.) T12, Small Intestines
2.) L1, Large Intestines
3.) L2, Abdomen, Appendix
4.) L3, Bladder, Sex Organs
5.) L4, Sciatic Nerve, Low Back Muscles

If there is interference to any or all of these pathways then your digestive function can not be optimal.

You either GET the BIG PICTURE or you don’t!

If you GET the BIG IDEA all else follows!


For a full body animation of your neural body map:

look here now.



The future healthy lives of our children is invested heavily within the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic care. But how well do all the people in the general public really understand chiropractic?  Do they get it in a way that a growing number of parents already do?  How many really know that the structure of the spine will impact body function profoundly weather you are aware of that body function or not?  How often are we told about the power of our inborn healing potential by our doctors and shown how to support this potential properly?  What are symptoms really?  What are the things that truly support the health of my family?

It is a stark reality from the perspective of a wholistic health care provider to think how many parents are left in the dark about what they can do for the health of their children and themselves.  Their is obviously no shortage of work to be done by those in the know to educate those who are listening.  Are you listening?

Today, the immune systems of our kids are under tremendous stress.  Just look at the unrelenting rise of childhood autoimmune diseases. Once this becomes obvious to a parent or caring person that there are many children getting sicker and a move toward a change of healthy lifestyle needs to be found with urgency with Chiropractic at the helm.  If we are to reverse this destructive health trend now we need to hold onto a positive lifestyle change for life.  That is what it will take to hand healthy lifestyles over to our kids for the next generation and beyond.


Chiropractic as a first choice is the easiest choice to make on a path of wellness.  Chiropractic in your lifestyle will benefit you long and short term to enhance your natural immunity and overall body function.   We can feel better in a wellness lifestyle by first removing any harmful micro-postures often unseen to the plain eye and hidden in 1 of the 24 vertebrate of the spine.  A chiropractor has the ability to find these harmful micro-postures and remove them.  These ill fated micro-postures are called vertebral subluxations when they are found in the spine.  Subluxations are caused from 3 main stressors: trauma or physical stress, emotional stress and/or nutritional stress.  That is why these 3 stressors must be given attention when living in a chiropractic wellness lifestyle.  The only specialists trained to locate primary vertebral subluxations are chiropractors.

It all boils down to spinal integrity for optimal body function.

It always has. It always will.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to add a little style to your life by getting your spine checked regularly for subluxations by your chiropractor.


Diabetes, arthiritus, digestive disorders of all kinds and obesity in our children are all types of autoimmunity.  Autoimmunity means that the body is becoming immune-to-self and has identified some vital part of the body as a toxin to be removed.  This complication gets in the way of the bodies normal function for optimal survival. When autoimmunity happens to the body, the body is trying to move itself away from itself.  It is difficult to handle by medical convention.

But Yet, It is still perfection.

Remember, that in a body the function is always perfect because it is acting on your behalf within the environment you live in to keep you alive at all cost for as long as possible. This is the function of nature, to survive.  Whether the environment you live in is painful or pleasurable it is perfection.  It is perfection that is found within the function of nature.  Perfection is also how chiropractic works to improve what needs improvement and to allow the body to work through stress while maintaining minimal interventions.  Through chiropractic lifestyle the body can work as a whole by itself to improve you daily.

So, Who or what decides what needs improvement?  A symptom?  A pain?  A worry?  A doctor?…all good answers but they are only part of the end game of how the body communicates with you.  Give it some thought and effort and you will find the truth.


To become healthier we will begin right here, right now with ourselves and our children. We can and will teach them to become empowered and fearless when it comes to healthy choices.

Being taught by their parents to be the masters of their own body through chiropractic lifestyle, these kids will take themselves and us into a healthier future.

Dr. D says, Be well.

A SIMPLE Symptom of TRUTH. (pt.2)




Our bodies have an innate intelligence(3) that is best expressed through the autonomic(4) function of our neural system.  The word autonomic comes from the word “Autonomous” which means self-regulating.  The autonomic neural system is a Self-Regulating system.  Self-regulating means it functions mainly without the interference of a logical process or conscious brain activity.

An example of autonomic function would be the heartbeat, digestion, breath, and all those lovely kinds of things that keep us alive.  These self-regulating functions are guided by Innate intelligenceInnate intelligence flows through the self-regulating body structure to support function at ALL times.

The chiropractic spinal adjustment(5,*) is a unique health care option that will support the self-regulating systems.

Very Important Truth to Understand For Healing!

Drugs over ride the autonomic system to change symptoms.  These symptoms are 80% of the time only telling us that something needs to change within the perception, behavior and/or structure of our lifestyle.

Synthetic chemicals injected or swallowed twist the perfect healing pattern of innate intelligence within the body chemistry.  The longer we take these the longer it takes to truly recover.  This is why using drugs for long term control of symptoms most of the time creates more symptoms in which to give more drugs.  This is an expensive slippery slope that can never lead to recovery.

This expensive slippery slope is at high cost and is part of a dieing health care paradigm.

We need another more profitable choice of doctor to help us recover BEFORE things get out of hand.  You would find very few primary care doctors today doing true wellness care unless your primary doctor is a Chiropractor.  That is because Chiropractic IS wellness.

Chiropractic is proven to be the most cost effective long term health care that will give results you can enjoy.

Here is a short list to help you understand what a new

Chiropractic health care paradigm offers:

1.)   We get the opportunity to believe we are capable.

2.)   Innate intelligence has the power to heal ‘ourselves’.

3.)   Use the Body Tools because the body has rules!


The Body Tools are:

A.)   The right food.

B.)   The right thoughts.

C.)   The right activities.

Giving proper attention to these tools is the art of wellness. They will open up the “flood gates” for innate intelligence to operate in your favor.

We can choose to use the tools to support innate intelligence.  We understand that our body has the innate power to heal itself.  This requires action AND awareness.

The inborn power that exists within the body is the only healing force that comes close to equal that power which made the body in the first place.  Because of this we need to look more seriously into our beliefs around what it takes to heal ourselves.

Adapting to a new health care paradigm.

4 foundations:

I.)   First, have a personal belief system that will allow you to achieve what your health goals are.

II.) Second, Find a system of health care that compliments your personal belief system and delivers its service to you in a way that is consistent with its desired results.

III.)   Most importantly, stand by your personal belief system and choice of health care system that supports your beliefs the most.

IV.)   Educate yourself objectively and with enthusiasm in order to be able to follow the system and beliefs you choose to use.


~When healing is needed, change is good!~


(*) VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION:   also referred to as nerve interference, is a misalignment of one or more of the 24 vertebrae in the spinal column,  which causes alteration of nerve function and interference to the transmission of mental impulses,  resulting in a lessening of the body’s Innate ability to express its maximum health potential.

(*) VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION:   also referred to as nerve interference, is a misalignment of one or more of the 24 vertebrae in the spinal column,  which causes alteration of nerve function and interference to the transmission of mental impulses,  resulting in a lessening of the body’s Innate ability to express its maximum health potential.

(1) HEALTH:  a state of optimal physical, mental and social well being; not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (W.H.O. definition)

(2) PARADIGM: an example.

(3) INNATE INTELLIGENCE:  the natural process of knowing and acting without the permission of logic.  (ie; heart beat, digestion, breath)

(4) AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM:  food for thought:  the word autonomic is rooted from the word autonomous which means ‘self regulating’ so understand that the autonomic system is what is mostly responsible for all the functions in the body that work to keep you alive every moment without your input of logic to interfere. (*see definition for innate intelligence above)   The Chiropractic Adjustment supports this system best.

(5) ADJUSTMENT:  The specific application of forces used to facilitate the body’s correction of nerve interference.

A SIMPLE Symptom of TRUTH. (pt.1)


As we age, maintaining personal health(1) is a concern for most of us.  When we need help we want to know what to do, where to go and how to get the best value for the results we desire, optimal health.  However, our desired results often take a back seat to uninformed value systems.  We often look for solutions to our health problems from professionals without even knowing what questions to ask.  Who can we trust to give us the answers we deserve in a way we can understand?

In a perfect situation we are told that our physical problems are a result of our aging, some gene or some scary uncontrolled pathogen.   Then we find a doctor with the latest drug or therapy to remedy our ailment so we can carry on our merry way until next time.  Everything seems ok.

In reality, what happens when we attain this drug is that it ends up causing a whole new bunch of problems that require more drugs for all new problems.  This story is not new.  Your health becomes a search you cannot control or understand.

This search is the popular outside-in approach.  It is by definition the furthest thing from health (1).  This out-in approach is what accommodates the state of illness. It is a health care paradigm(2) of symptom value first.  This kind of health care creates a web of complicated symptoms to chase.

Symptom chasing is what happens when you care for an illness.  Our symptoms are then all chalked up to be a natural part of our growing old and we should accept this. Is this our only option, really?

It is true that the needs of our body change as we age, however,  it does not have to be true that our need for drugs and laboratory medicines is to be increased as we age.

Before we start to drug our bodies to dull the first sign of any symptom we must first ask:

Is there better way to understand how our

body can work more optimally as we age?

The answer to this question is a resounding

and hopeful YES!!!!





It has long been a measured known fact that our bodies have enough electrical potential to light several large cities at one time.

For those of you who may be electrically inclined it is about 11 million kw hours of potential energy that is locked up within the electrons of an atom in our body.  If this power can light up cites then why couldn’t it be directed into rebuilding a small body by comparison? 

Why is it common for us to understand that a whole world can be light up with electricity yet when that same electricity is applied to our human body it suddenly becomes difficult for most to believe that we are be able to harness our own electrical energy to heal and strengthen our bodies?

The answer to this lack of understanding lies deep within the popular belief system and blind trust of todays health care paradigm.

The popular belief is that when we fall ill we immediately identify ourselves as a powerless victim with an illness.  With this kind of identity we will find ourselves 80% of the time with a whole string of harmful ineffective interventions that are undertaken with a false pretext of ‘help’.  We often become afraid and confused leaving our lives in the balance of a treatment protocol that is based on symptoms when these symptoms may not actually be the cause of the problem.

Is there another way?  Another paradigm??

Sure, there is!!!

QUESTION: What can YOU do?

ANSWER: You could build new habits everyday that are consistent with your desired result of optimal health.  You could identify the opportunity to heal in yourself as an empowered participant instead of a powerless victim.

If you SUDDENLY could understand clearly & profoundly that you ARE a VITAL force in creating your own health from the start then why would you want to wait for a problem to over take you before taking action?

Choosing chiropractic wellness lifestyle by getting your spine

checked often, will simplify your life.


(1) HEALTH:  a state of optimal physical, mental and social well being; not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (W.H.O. definition)

(2) PARADIGM: an example.

The Greatest Show on Earth (we are not amused.)

(There is)…corporate interests in political agendas that are

inappropriately mixing with medical protocols.

Need a new healthy idea?

Most are questioning the ethics of the increased corporate interests in political agendas that are inappropriately mixing with medical protocols.  These medical protocols seem to be struggling more as time goes on and are squirming under the pressure of mostly junk science just to remain honest within its original Hippocratic intentions.  The unveiling of emerging interests in high profit ‘health care’ seem to cause the average person more problems than it is helping that person with lasting solutions.

All the hype never seems to be dying down in the media.  It is important to continue to inform each other until we get to the bottom of the truth around vaccines. Backed by concerned citizens, lawyers, scientists and clinicians there is enough clinical evidence that says vaccines are viably harmful to warrant a legitimate government funded double blind placebo controlled study to prove it.  So far the request for a government funded study has been shuffled aside by certain corporate interest groups within the political arena.










There is a resistance to getting the flu vaccine all over the world.

EUROPEANS REFUSE SWINE FLU VACCINE:  http://www.pandemicfluonline.com/?p=1416

As media continues to build a swell of fear catered for the ‘conventional’ collective.

Among the well informed there is still much resistance to the increase of harmful potential in vaccine ingredients:
“A 2001 report by the Institute of Medicine found that the idea that thimerosal exposure could lead to developmental disorders was “biologically plausible” but “is not established and rests on incomplete and indirect information.””
“However, the CDC stresses that even flu vaccines with thimerosal should pose no danger to children.”
For instance, we’ve heard from people concerned about the vaccine containing thimerosal, a preservative that contains mercury and that has long been the subject of suspicion without a lot of scientific support.


A call to action for science to ask the right questions.

Back in early October I was in attendance at the 4th International Conference on Vaccination where over $100,000 was raised ‘to launch a fund raising campaign for scientific research into the long term health outcomes of vaccinated and  not vaccinated individuals. That groundbreaking research promises to fill in the big gaps in scientific knowledge about the vaccine benefit and risk equation for different people.‘  -N.V.I.C.

With nearly 700 men and women from 44 states and 11 nations, who attended NVIC’s Conference, I was able to meet first hand many of the most well informed MD’s,  DC’s, scientists, vaccine lawyers, journalists and families etc. who where involved profoundly in the area of vaccines.  Of the many peers, colleges, and mentors that I was able to meet it was Gary Null who gave a particularly stunning presentation.  AT the end of his speech he gave everyone 2 documents full of riveting information that is to vast to cover here.  If you wish to view a copy of these documents feel free to send an email request to me here: docempower@gmail.com and I will send them.  These are the papers he shared with the NYS assembly in early October as shown below in the videos.

Only days after Dr. Null gave his speech at the conference I was sent the following videos of Dr. Null giving his message straight to a legal council of NYS.  Here is more info on that:

The case of Null et al. v FDA et al. [Docket No. 1:09-cv-01924] challenges the legality of the September 15th licensing of four vaccines prior to any safety testing http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3617

The videos down below are taken of the presenting case of Null et al. v FDA et al. [Docket No. 1:09-cv-01924].

This demonstrates why… “our call to “Show Us the Science and Give Us the Choice” is being taken seriously by millions of Americans defending their right to know and freedom to decide when making choices that affect their health and the health of their children.” -Barbara Loe Fisher, Founder of National Vaccine Information Center WWW.NVIC.ORG







“Liberty is to the collective body what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society.” –Thomas Jefferson


The potential for vaccine injury maybe seen as small or rare.  Even if it was one in a million wouldn’t you consider the odds for acquiring harmful side effects to the odds of not getting this shot, which is a 0% chance of side effects.  Weighing in the risks of getting and dieing from the flu without the vaccine is seemingly about the same as if one where to actually get the vaccine.  However, if you don’t get the shot then your potential to develop autoimmune disease or degenerative diseases later in life due to slower neural damage done by thimerosal may also decrease.  Time will surely tell.
What side of history will you be on?  Be informed and make your choice because it is OUR choice.