The functions of the body work together by using the food we eat as fuel for these functions.  The food we choose to eat IS our choice.   When you eat canned, artificial processed and synthetically produced nutrients then your body will become artificial, synthetic and canned.  When you choose living whole foods to fuel your body you will get a whole living body.  

It is really just that simple!!  

No, it doesn’t mean if you eat sugar that you are sweet….It means that if you eat enzymes and things from the earth that have been created by the sun then you will also be like these things that you have ate.  You will be full of radiance!  ___________________________________________________________

Weather we agree or not, it is law that in order for our bodies to renew and heal effectively a change is inevidible.  This is demonstrated daily at the cellular level.  With skin cells regenerating themselves every 20 days, the skeleton every 3 months. The stomach lining replaces itself every few days, whereas the cells of the teeth have a much slower renewal rate.  

An atom is the smallest unit of matter that can be measured.  Our bodies are made up of atoms.  It takes about 1 year for 98% of the atoms in the body to renew. This occurs whether we decide to actively participate in its renewal or not. This science demonstrates the bodies need for renewal is a basic need for natural survival.


What fuels the effectiveness of this cellular regeneration is a direct response from what it is we choose to eat.  Keep in mind that the body function will always do the best it can with whatever it is given as nutrients through food, air, exercise and environment.  We are capable of surviving for a period even in the most compromising environments due to the inborn intelligence within the body that drives the need for the body to live.  Many times even with bad habits an individual can find themselves with a long life often at the cost of life quality.   It is rare that a life of minimal quality is at least barely enjoyable. Where the focus is in one’s life of survival can make all the difference.


When there is a primary focus in one’s life of survival as longevity there is a loss of quality in it’s pursuit.  Always trying to find ways to elongate one’s life is a cause for more stress giving less opportunity to enjoy every breath.  Focusing on longevity is never a life guarantee. Life is never a guarantee healthy or not.  That is why focusing on longevity can down grade life enjoyment.

On the other hand when there is a primary focus in one’s life of survival as quality it often provides the longevity with more grace and without much effort.  Life quantity is still never a guarantee.  However, when the focus of life extends greater attention to quality there is more opportunity to enjoy your breath and share it with others no matter how long or short your life turns out.


We experience life with our spirit.  We encounter life with our bodies.  Even as quality is unmeasurable by comparison to quantity it is more real than anything we can buy or sell to each other.  

“Einstein- the physical body is an illusion like all material.  the unseen world is the real world.  when we look into the unseen body we see the untapped unlimited  power.”

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!! (so keep it real)




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